Saturday, 30 August 2014

Take an Adventure

Hello friends, you might have heard via social media that I'm kinda, well yes abandoning this blog until further notice. You know that I've started a small business blog over at Social Media Blooms right? I created her around December last year because I wanted to turn my side hustle into something a little bigger. And guess what, it's really going well.

I don't want to get all teary eyes and dramatic about taking a break from Adventures of Victoriafolksy, besides I'm a grown ass woman turning 30 next month. (Gulp, I'm getting old you guys... )You can pop over to Social Media Blooms whenever you miss me. Also say hello to me on Instagram and on my Facebook page. Will you, promise? Ok, see you there. :)

Here's a few post on there you will love.

5 Secrets of the Blog Community

An in depth look at the lives of bloggers, those go-getting + brave individuals always on the forefront of trends. Bloggers influence each other, they are like sponges when it comes to absorbing new + trending information. By the time they take something of the shelves you can be sure it's already well researched. And with all the beauty, fashion, books and even travel reviews they do everyday, it makes things so much easier for the rest of us.

Traffic is the lifeblood of any website but its also important to know that various factors play a role, from your site's landing page to your social media strategy. Take a look at a list of resources to help you on your way. :)

Ooh, I love this app! Instavation is a free photo app for adding joyous + inspirational quotes to photo's, available for iPhone + iPad. With Instavation you can ad pretty graphic text quotes and captions to your photos and share them on all of your favourite social networks with the click of a button! Cute hey?

Monday, 11 August 2014

Blog of the Month: Coral Tinted Perceptions

Natalie Joseph's the author of Coral Tinted Perceptions, a delightful + cheerful lifestyle blog. She started blogging because she had things to say and not necessarily to someone or about anything, she kinda just wanted to be able to ramble on and see if there are people out there who would make sense of her ramblings! :)

This pretty brown-eyed girl really adores her family, all things football, travelling and yep, blogging! She's the baby in her family and have been told that her smile can light up a room. Natalie's down to earth and really lovely and when you read her blog this comes through beautifully.

Follow Natalie on Twitter or Instagram to see how she spends her days. Also check out one of her recent blog-posts called: What's in my bag???  She's very organised + smart. Ooh, and I must admit that I'm soooo inlove with her handbags.

Image - My own

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Breakfast at Caffe Bella

I recently found this beautiful little crafty coffee-shop when I was visiting my hometown. I'm a real sucker for pretty + cute things and I really fell in love with this magical place...

My eyes were darting around the whole time, I felt so happy. The decor just spoke to my heart, there were dainty fresh flowers on my table, as well as a girly piece of artwork.

I eventually ordered a warm pot of strawberry flavoured tea for R12.00 + a scrumptious muffin for R15.00 accompanied by delicious cheese and strawberry jam. Everything on the menu's very affordable, they offer breakfast, sandwiches and cakes. Light meals that's delicious and very well presented. 

I really enjoyed the foodmarkety ambiance +  the vintage/rustic look. Caffe Bella really sourced some fantastic goodies. I love the painted old school-case in the picture above, I had one exactly like this wayyy back in Standerd 1. Admittedly when backpacks became fashionable it was hard for me to let go...

Also, right then and there I became a tea lover, I mean just look at the delicate little cup. No really, I've been stocking up on an assorted range of flavours of tea that's really, really delicious and healthy.

My fun-loving cousin Richard actually introduced me to this hidden gemstone. He really have this creative radar that will find great things + places wherever he goes. And we had such a fabulous time. :)

Caffe Bella's situated in Springbok, 50 Voortrekker Road, kinda in the heart of the beautiful Namaqualand. They also cater for small functions + you'll find awesome little gifts here for your loved-ones.   

Images - My Own

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Beautify Your Blog + Digital Sphere

Hello there... I've done a little bit of research and decided to write a cheerful post on how to beautify your blog and digital sphere. (These resources are all free.) In South Africa the weather's freeeeeezing cold so I hope you're keeping warm wherever you are. Here's to a lovely + productive day!  

1. Beautiful Desktop Wallpapers
Choose from a whole bunch of oh-so-pretty free downloads at The Sweet Escape to beautify your desktop + ad a little pop of colour to brighten your day. I love this particular one, cos I'd like to think of myself as an hustling, go-getting ninja! Nothing wrong with giving yourself a little bit of self-love. ;) 

2. Free Pretty Pictures 

Looking for pretty high resolution stock photos for your illustration + design needs? Using big & beautiful images will add lovely pizazz to your blog-posts. Hop over to Morgue File, all the pictures on there are all completely free! 

3. Free Blogging Guide

Blogging consistently does something amazing for the reputation of your brand. It will make you stand out from the rest + it will also show your reliability. Check out these delightful tips on the art of blogging on Social Media Blooms

4. Take Yourself Seriously

I love this inspiring blogpost on Braid Creative + if you're an aspiring blogger this might help a lot. If you have a blog you are called a blogger, yep that's right now take what you do seriously.  See how the clever blond Sarah Von Bargen did it. And lastly... I've seen a lot of my blog-peers moved into better and bigger things. I'm truly proud of you guys, hustle harder, stay beautiful + ad “blogger” in your job description. ;)

Images - Links provided

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Woohoo, I'm on Instagram! Yep Finally

Well let's calm down now, shall we. Yes I'm finally on Instagram and well yes I'm slightly addicted - it's like a brand new toy to me, you know what I mean right? ;) I might not have the prettiest pictures on there and I'm definitely not standing in-front of majestic pyramids in Egypt or the Eiffel Tower in Paris ( I wish ) but I would really appreciate your support over there. Here's a look at my board...

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Friday, 4 July 2014

Blog of the Month: Gee Whiskers

Woohoo, I'm choosing the lovely Charlene from Gee Whiskers as July's Blog of the Month! Charlene really gets joy out of writing posts + receiving feedback from all her readers. As far back as she can remember she have often used the saying “Gee Whiskers” as an exclamation when she saw something that surprised her (in both a good and bad way).

Charlene loves the beautiful things in life. She blog's about beauty, decor and pretty much anything that tickles her fancy. Oh, and she adores dachshunds, flowers, perfume, music but above all spending time with her friends + family. This level headed lady loves doing reviews on beauty products and she always try to keep them as honest as possible. That means she will seldom write a blog post on something she's not truly crazy about. And you know what that's what I love most about her blog, her honesty...

She's always been big on spending time looking after her skin and her current favourite beauty products are the Dermalogica Calming Cleanser, The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Boost Sorbet and The Body Shop Vitamin E Serum in Oil overnight treatment. Visit her blog Gee Whiskers to learn more about this laid-back + beautiful lady. :)

Image - My own 
Blog Image - Charlene's

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Beauty Hauls and the Fall of Giants

Hello all, hope you're keeping warm with big cups of tea/coffee and soft cosy blankies. I'm working from home again today, one of the perks of working in the digital industry. Admittedly it can get a bit lonely after some time, that's why I decided to join a community radio station as guest presenter about 2 months ago. Well here's what I've been up to - pictures described from left to right. Here goes...

1. Making Waves - The radio station I'm working for recently won the Sanlam + MDDA Award for Best Community Radio Station in South Africa! I'm so proud. :) Please go like their Facebook page.

2. Radio Nfm Soup Drive 2014 - We are also currently having an amazing Soup Drive community project. We'll be road-tripping throughout the Northern Cape to rural little towns in need. The whole idea is to connect with our listeners on a more personal level. We will have open broad-castings in every town and it will be live on air. For more information about this project + to be part of this initiative contact our Soup Drive coordinator Jeanne-Dee Cloete at

3. End Child Marriage - A short while ago I wrote this heartbreaking blogpost about child marriage, called Too Young To Wed. I really felt this strong urge to write it. I shed a bucketful of tears while researching + compiling this. Take a look at the campaign + show your support. Your voice can make a difference. Let's help to spread awareness.

4. Pixie Haircut - I initially wanted my old Karlie Cut, (see my profile picture) but this particular hairdresser overpowered me and said that girls like me look more feminine in funkier styles, I still don't know what she meant by that. I did get a whole lot of complements, yep so maybe she does have a point. ;)

5. New Digital Collaboration - Recently started to work with a great web development company as an online columnist/blogger - Same place I did my internship last year. Who said shy girls cant hustle + connect? Read my work here: Author Profile 

6. Small Business Blog Makeover - Aah, what can I say, I'm always making little tweaks to my blogs. I might have a slight obsession. Eek! Please go have a look at Social Media Blooms and tell me your thoughts.

7. Fall Of Giants by Ken Follet - Fall of Giants is a historical novel by Welsh-born author Ken Follett. It is the first in the Century Trilogy, and follows five interrelated families throughout the course of the 20th century between 1911 and 1924. I started reading this book over the weekend and I'm already hooked!

8. Eighties Dance - Me and the fiance had such a great time at this themed dance party. We both love old-school music and after a few glasses of bubbly we took over the dance floor.

9. Essence Haul - At last I got my greedy hands on the Essence Blush Up Powder Blush and the All About Candies Eye-Shadow. I'm inlove with both, and I love doing my face in the morning. I'm currently travelling by bus at about 6 am every morning to be in time for the breakfast show, and although it's freezing cold when I take the short walk to the bus-stop, its good to know that I'm looking good. :)

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Monday, 2 June 2014

Blog of the Month: The Glam Green Girl

This months Blog of the Month award goes to Cassidy Taylor-Memmory, the creator and editor of The Glam Green Girl. She's a true humanitarian at heart and started her blog way back in June 2011 because she felt the need + wanted to share everything about going green through her own personal discoveries. Cassidy's truly passionate about nature + the environment and she constantly strives to inform her blog readers on how to live a healthy + eco-conscious lifestyle. Through a super awesome internship at O, The Oprah Magazine in the beauty department towards the end of 2011 she started to develop an interest in natural beauty products, which led to an even better, green beauty and lifestyle blog - The Glam Green Girl! :)

Cassidy's also a Miss Earth South Africa semi-finalist (woohoo!) and one can only imagine how close this lays to her heart. She's currently collecting clothing for the Jacaranda Children's Home (a NPO that looks after the welfare of abused children) in Pretoria + she's also collecting pet food that will be donated to the SPCA - the SPCA is an amazing NPO organisation that is dedicated to animal welfare. Please support Cassidy in this amazing journey and donate in whatever small way you can. See the rest of her Miss Earth South Africa project schedule here. 

Check out her freshest blogpost titled: Easy ways to go green. 
These tips are so easy to achieve, don't you think?
  •  Switch off all lights before leaving the house
  •  Unplug all unnecessary electrical appliances when not in use
  •  Unplug your cellphone charger when you're not using it
  •  Reuse magazines & newspaper as wrapping paper
  •  Switch off the tap when brushing your teeth - more lovely green tips on her blog

Image - My own
Blog Image - Cassidy's